Every day, we are seeking for a better tomorrow.

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Our vision & Mission

We are part of something bigger than us. Some call it family, community, country, or just "us". Whatever we choose to name it, it is our responsibility as a human being to connect cultures, celebrate diversities, and grow together. We acknowledge  the history of this land. Every day, we are working with people for a better tomorrow.

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Offer help for individuals who are looking to meet business expectations, by building supportive communities to elevate individual knowledge and job market fit.

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Empower global talents in Canada by sharing transparent insights about the job market and developing awareness on professional expectations.

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Bridge cultures and promote belonging & inclusion by enabling mutual understanding between individuals from different backgrounds.

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"Canada Talents was my first bridge in Vancouver to explore and learn about work culture in Canada. I received plenty of advice for each step of my job search and I significantly extended my network."

- Baptiste B. | Canada Talents Client-

Our Board

Maël Guiheneuf

Maël Guihéneuf

President & Treasurer
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Maël is a data architect who co-founded BC Talents, the very first brand of the Foreigners Talents Society. He initially managed the Events and Newcomers programs of BC Talents and was involved in the creation of the French Alumni and TechXplorers brands. Maël is also a key stakeholder in the definition of new programs and partnerships.

Anne Arminjon

Anne Arminjon

Secretary & Events Director
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Anne works in human resources and joined the association in 2016. She started as Partners Coordinator for BC Talents, led the creation of the brand TalentsTalk, and then became Happiness Associate for BC Talents. In 2017, she enrolled as Events Director. In 2018, Anne moved to Montreal and remains involved in the community as Director since then.

Julien Mainguy

Julien Mainguy

Vice-President & Executive Director
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Julien is an industrial designer who co-founded BC Talents. He has been leading the Communication and Partnership programs of BC Talents and was involved in the creation of the French Alumni and TechXplorers brands. Julien is also a key stakeholder in the definition of new programs and partnerships.

Ioana Birleanu

Ioana Birleanu

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As a business and executive leader with 16+ years of experience, Ioana has an unwavering passion for people and a deep belief in personal and professional growth. She spent more than 12 years in the corporate environment with one of the largest tech companies in the world, where she managed multicultural sales territories, and built and led highly diverse and successful teams. Witnessing first hand the positive power that focusing on people and their wellbeing can have on business performance, she decided to take the leap into an entrepreneurial journey.

With all this experience, Ioana co-created Growth Flourishing Coaching & Consulting with her holistic business approach, helping entrepreneurs and business owners refine their business processes and reach new performance heights. As a very grateful female LGBTQ+ immigrant to Canada, Ioana is a firm believer in the true economic impact and growth that SMBs can bring to the Canadian economy. She sincerely believes that with true authenticity, aligning systems with values, and conscious practices for profitability, businesses can thrive and multiply their positive impact on our world. 

Anna Colagrossi

Anna Colagrossi

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Anna is a seasoned marketer with over 15 years of experience. Throughout her career, she has developed a strong background in UX, brand strategy, marketing, and sales, having worked for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Google, and Bank of Montréal. Anna moved to Canada in 2015 and is deeply passionate about giving back and helping others succeed. Specifically, she is dedicated to helping newcomers to Canada adjust to a new culture and find success in their careers.

Vikram Goel

Vikram Goel

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Vikram is an accomplished Finance professional with over 20 years of comprehensive financial and operational experience including strategic planning, financial reporting & analysis, large transactions analysis and process re-engineering within the financial services and technology industries.  Vikram earned his MBA and is a US CMA and has worked internationally in large multi nationals such as HP (formerly Electronic Data Systems), Lufthansa and TD. He is a dynamic leader focused on building and managing high performing teams that provide advice to senior business partners.

As the VP, Wealth Management Finance Vikram is responsible for leading the delivery of enhanced business value and advice to the Wealth Management leadership team by partnering with the business to optimize performance, ensure sound financial governance and create deep business insights.

Board Director Role

At Foreigners Talents Society, we see each of our Board Director as a true asset for our future. The Board of Directors is legally and ethically responsible for all activities of the organization.

The Responsibilities

  • Determines how the organization will carry out its mission through long and short-range planning,
  • Adopts an annual budget and provides fiscal oversight,
  • Recruits, orients, and develops board members,
  • Hires and evaluates the performance of the Executive Director,
  • Evaluates its performance and overall performance of the organization in achieving the mission,
  • Establishes policies for the effective management of the organization,

The Expectations

  • Being a brand ambassador for Foreigners Talents Society,
  • Being a cheerleader for the staff of Foreigners Talents Society and supporting the volunteers and staff,
  • Contributing to the organization in a variety of ways,
  • Being passionate & enthusiastic about the mission of Foreigners Talents Society,
  • Bringing your skills, your ideas, and your network to any brands when necessary,
  • Allowing time for a monthly meeting and occasionally extraordinary meetings,

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