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Our Career-focus Brands

BC Talents

The mission of BC Talents is to foster and facilitate the cultural integration of French- speaking immigrants into the professional community of metro Vancouver and beyond. Caring about this integration is essential as it supports the access of these immigrants to a long-term career in Canada and contributes to their inclusion in the local community. To implement its mission, BC Talents offers workshops, events, blog posts, videos, and individual meetings. Through these programs, French-speaking immigrants get to better perceive, understand, and adapt to the cultural differences in their work environment.

GTA Talents

Building on the success of BC Talents and leveraging the fact that one of the founders (maël Guihéneuf) moved to Toronto, the ‘sister structure’ GTA Talents was created in mid- 2019 to foster and facilitate the cultural integration of French-speaking immigrants into the professional community of the Grand Toronto Area (GTA). GTA Talents started with the same structure as BC Talents and some of the communication & blog contents are shared between these brands.

Our Network-focus Brands

French Alumni

The mission of French Alumni is to bring together French-speaking professionals who have studied in France, currently live in Western Canada, and wish to share their experiences and points of view with like-minded people. French Alumni brings together very diverse professionals ranging from people at the start of their careers to senior managers with eclectic backgrounds and from various industries. To strengthen this network, French Alumni organizes monthly meetings in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in Canada. The essence of French Alumni is based on open-mindedness, sincerity, lasting relationships, and casual discussions.

Our Corporate-focus Brands

Canada Talents

Canada Talents includes eponym lower-level brands that share similar missions and events but are located in different Canadian areas. This framework ensures consistency in the mandates of the BC Talents and GTA Talents brands, such as partnerships, video contents, content creation, and canada-wide missions.

France Executive Circle

The mission of the France Executive Circle is to connect a community of French decision- makers for them to learn and be inspired. We offer our members opportunities to meet, exchange, and discuss their professional activities. We invite members of the circle to build long relationships to learn, grow, and get stronger together.

Our Sleeping Brands

TalentsTalk Logo


The mission of TalentsTalk is to help professionals to shift perspectives and stimulate their creativity by promoting innovative ideas and approaches. Each TalentsTalk event focuses on one speaker and one specific theme aiming to inspire the attendance. TalentsTalk was created to gather and inspire a community that wants to learn, grow, and share. Its objective is to foster new possibilities and experiences to help people push back their limits.

TechXplorers Logo


The mission of TechXplorers is to provide its members with the opportunity to discover innovations and trends related to technical or engineering topics. To encourage the development of these types of opportunities through the organisation of visits of unique sites (e.g., factories, research centers, bridges, construction sites) and the invitation of experts based on the interests expressed by the TechXplorers members.